Telstra Corporate Accounts Management

Our services have proven effective in helping large corporations in saving up to $120,000 in accumulated savings.

With Telstra being one of the largest companies in Australia, errors are bound to happen.  It is impossible to understand the entirety of your account ( plans, components, and actual cost for charging). We will identify ;

• Products and services quoted against what was delivered
• If products were billed at the correct price
• Discounts that were not implemented
• Items that have been overcharged
• Ad-hoc charges that you were unaware of
• Backdated charges where these have been billed

Failing to identify these problems may lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars of extra expenses, especially for large corporate accounts. If we find errors, we can assist you to claim rebates for up to 12 months.

Experience shows us, that involving Jensen IPA right at the beginning, when you first plan your IP needs is the best way to save money, time, and frustration. Jensen IPA understands and can resolve your account issues. Call us today and see if your telco bills needs auditing.your billing accounts as accurately as possible according to your actual usage and needs.



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