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Are you frustrated attempting to understand your telco expenditure? Despite your time and efforts to understand and reconcile the charges, you may not fully understand what you are paying for on your monthly accounts. As a company, reconciling your telecommunication expenditure on a regular basis can save you thousands in annual costs. Let our Telstra bills analyst & services assistance show you how our simple process can assist your company in Queensland, Australia.

Understanding your Telstra Bills

Here at Jensen IPA, we assist companies in understanding and analysing their Telstra Bills. In our years of helping many businesses understand their billing statements, we’ve come to find out that 100% of these companies are paying in excess. From a few dollars to even hundreds of dollars every month, our certified analysts help you manage your Telstra bill and provide you with customised solutions to help you reduce further costs through our services in Queensland, Australia.

Does Telstra Overcharge?

Yes, in many instances over-charging can occur due to the complexity of the systems and processes. Every complex billing structure has its flaws, and those flaws can be costly to companies who use their services unless they are identified. To further compound the situation, each year, new products are added to the system making the process even more complicated.

What can Jensen IPA do?

We know Telstra Billing! Our Telstra bill analyst in Queensland will identify discrepancies on your bills accurately. We are dedicated to not just auditing your bills, but also in assisting you to make claims and to read and manage your T-analyst system.

We also explain which products, plans, and services you are paying for, compared to what you actually need. This results in significantly lowering your bills in the future. In this process, we also point out opportunities for cost savings and alert you to future changes due to technology upgrades – i.e. NBN and ISDN Conversion.

Jensen IPA  is committed to your future growth. If we can identify ongoing savings each month, then we have met our goal.


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