Telstra Account Reconciliation

Reconciling your Account

How do we do this?  For Telstra Business customers, we can access your Telstra accounts through the t-analyst software.This allows us to pull reports and data over a 12 to 18 month period.

Our goal is to match the invoiced charges against contracts signed and the actual physical services you have active.  Where there are differences we analyse these, with the intent of saving you money on past, present or future charges.  Our recommendations will help you save money on future bills.  This will also provide you with an accurate map of your existing services and expenditure going forward.

Reconciling your accounts also involve the following:

  • Checking product over-charging,  especially when your quotes given, do not match your invoice
  • Checking the contract pricing is reflected accurately on the bill. (Especially after signing new contracts.)
  • Working with you on mapping your network sites and services to ensure these are reflected accurately on your bill. (Very important when you have a new IP network being rolled out.)
  • General review of all Ad-hoc charges to ensure these are well understood so that you can control your expenditure with confidence.

We can also assist you to recover any charges or products in dispute with Telstra. Our service helps you through the complex Telstra Dispute Process. Our service assists you to be in control of expenditure and ensure you get all credits due.

Let’s work with you to get your accounts on track !


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