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JAX Tyres & Auto specialise in the sales and service of tyres, wheels, brakes and suspension. The company operates in 80 to 90 franchised stores in Eastern Australia, providing all things automotive right through to vehicle inspections. JAX Tyres & Auto has earned its first-class reputation for premium product, service and highly competitive pricing since 1949.

The main issue was that JAX was being charged for double services. The stores had migrated from ADSL Internet to NBN but were continuing to be charged for both.

The outstanding account began to run at about half a million dollars owed to Telstra.

Says Andrea, “ We tried to claim back our credits but we didn’t have the Telstra tools or the expertise. We decided to bring in an external consultant who was a specialist in Telstra accounts – Kevin from Jensen IPA. Kevin was very helpful to the team and to me, as he provided training so we wouldn’t have future errors in our accounts.

He was very supportive and cooperative. He didn’t just say” here is the report”, he helped us understand it, and deal with it. We have now created new procedures around future accounts savings with his help.”

Andrea, JAX Tyres & Auto

Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council saves $7K with more to come.

We now have much more confidence in paying the monthly bills knowing these are more accurate.

“Jensen IPA was recently recommended to us, to assist with reconciling our Telstra bills and services. We had concerns for some time over the accuracy of the monthly product services and charges.

We found Kevin (from Jensen IPA) to be very engaging and helpful in understanding our situation. Working with him was easy and he adjusted his schedule to fit into our business. Kevin worked with us to help identify all our fixed and mobile services. In the process, we identified a number of services to be cancelled and in some cases backdated over 3 years.

He assisted us in arranging orders with Telstra and spoke in their language (which helps us tremendously). He then followed up on these orders until they were completed correctly. A service no one else could provide. The process does take a lot of time and effort. However Jensen IPA follow-up diligently,  and we have achieved some great success with over $7000 in savings so far, with more to come.

Our monthly bills have now been arranged in shape with our business needs so that we can manage the changes we need to make going forward. We now have a clear understanding of our actual network services that are currently active.

Jensen IPA provides outstanding support for complex Telstra bills and charges, that no one else could figure out. Along with helpful advice, tips and tricks to manage the ongoing monthly bill cycles.

We would highly recommend his services for anyone on Telstra fixed data, voice and mobile services. His review and assistance have put us in good shape going forward. We now have much more confidence in paying the monthly bills knowing these are more accurate. Thanks to work from Jensen IPA.”

Warm Regards
Kylie Wyatt, Office & ICT Manager
NPARC – Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council | CAIRNS

Telstra Issues, now substantial credit due – FORT KNOX

Fort Knox is Queensland’s most trusted self-storage provider for residential and commercial storage; a privately owned, family-run company providing successful telecom expense management audits with 25 secure locations across Queensland. Today we spoke with Director David Hardie about the way that Jensen IPA had assisted Fort Knox with Telstra account issues.

“Essentially the issue was that we were not receiving Telstra account credits that were due, and were receiving inaccurate monthly invoices from Telstra.

Kevin from Jensen IPA carried out a successful telecom expense management audit on our account. We didn’t obtain any real action until together we approached the Telecommunications Ombudsman, and now we have a substantial credit due, which is now only being currently held up with COVID-19 delays.

Kevin is very approachable, easy to talk to, very precise when obtaining information, and very specific about his work.”

David Hardie, Director, FORT KNOX. 

Volvo Group –  “We found huge savings – $120,000 “

Basically, we have had issues with our Telstra billing. It was never in a format we needed as it did not reflect call centre information or use our common references. We had an initial discussion with Kevin, and he came back with exactly what we needed. He came back with a convenient report that saved a lot of my time. Typically I used to spend a couple of hours analysing and converting it to a cost structure format we could use, so this made my job a lot easier.

Next, we had Kevin telecom expense management audit our monthly charged services. He said that given the authority, he could go through the reports and help us Within a couple of days, he came back with suggestions of possible errors that he had identified already backdated a few years. This was really a good finding, so we started working with the IT teams to get approvals for credits.

We started working together. Some of our findings were not what we expected. We found huge savings – $120,000, and I put this as a project to my IT department. Kevin Jensen really knows the Telstra system and knows what he is doing.

“Jensen IPA’s in-depth knowledge of Telstra billing and ability to analyse data resulted in not only some savings for us but a transfer of skill to me “

Hineesh Kg – Network Engineer – Volvo Group


MPC Kinetic – “..we can now stop the amount of hours we’ve spent in the past sorting the Telstra accounts “

“MPC Kinetic provides essential upstream services to the oil gas and renewable sector, playing key roles in Australia’s largest resource developments, like the Tamworth water pipeline in NSW. I manage the IT department for MPC Kinetic, and I think we’ve been experiencing Telstra account issues since dinosaurs were around. Since our company was founded, we have had billing issues. And it was no different in my previous roles. Telstra’s delivery of services is fine, but the billing is a nightmare to deal with, and a nightmare to resolve.

A colleague referred me to Kevin Jensen at Jensen IPA. I called Kevin in for a chat, decided to take a leap of faith and to see how he went. Our company accounts were a bit complicated as we have had consolidation of companies, mergers and acquisitions. Kevin pulled the accounts apart to see where we were, and our next steps will be resolving that.

Kevin analysed accounts going back a fair while. I can see that we can now stop the number of hours we’ve spent in the past sorting the Telstra accounts rubbish – any credits gained will be a bonus. Just as an indication, last financial year, we received $1.4 million in credits.

Having the integral knowledge in how the Telstra billing departments work is invaluable, Kevin can see what we can’t see, he can glue it together, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. It looks like Kevin will have achieved 6 months of consolidated accounts, I am very happy with that !”

MPC Kinetic – Brian Carroll, Group Manager IS&T.


CallN –  “Jensen IPA appears to revel in projects of an investigative nature.”

As someone who has worked with Kevin Jensen ( Jensen IPA) inside the same organisation, and more recently as an industry colleague, Kevin has earned the highest levels of respect from the people he has served and supported. Bringing decades of experience from the telecommunications sector and operating with the highest levels of integrity, Kevin is nothing but an asset to any business or individual who needs an honest telecom expense management audit and assessment of their telecommunications inventory and expenditure in Queensland.

Kevin’s skills extend from his ability to unravel complexities with billing, service utilisation, and appears to revel in projects of an investigative nature. By liaising with the telecommunication providers directly, and taking a highly consultative approach with his clients, Kevin has a long track record of delivering outstanding financial outcomes for those who engage his services. Through these observations, Kevin has my strongest recommendation.

Simon Yuen, CallN


G8 EDUCATION – “Savings of $800 a month on billing were found”

We recently had Kevin ( Jensen IPA) review over 6 months worth of Telstra bills. We are an ASX 200 company and our bills are huge, over 1000 lines of data. His in-depth knowledge of Telstra billing and ability to analyse data resulted in not only some savings for us but a transfer of skill to me. Kevin is highly approachable and customer-focused. I stay in regular contact with him and he is only ever a phone call or email away. If you need help with your Telstra bill, or even if you think you don’t, Kevin is the one to speak to.

As part of the Account Management process, we provided a comprehensive review process of Telstra Data and fixed-line Accounts. In this review, we made several recommendations for Business improvements that are ongoing. Jensen IPA  also captured some cost-saving initiatives. Mine follow up included the review of bills to ensure savings made were applied. Savings of $800 a month on billing were found, resulting in additional $2500 total savings for past bills.

Adam Lorde, Network Manager, G8 Education

ADVANTAGE BROKERS – “Net results are over $16,000 credit has been issued to the account holder.”

As part of the account management process, we completed a comprehensive review of the IP charges, which the customer was disputing. Recommendations were made on actions that need to apply. The review found significant overcharging due to due to installation delays on the IP project. Our follow up included checking on the disputes raised and credits issued. Net results are over $16,000 credit has been issued to the account holder.


Woods Hatcher Solicitors – “We were able to achieve a significant credit from Telstra “

We retained the services of Jensen IPA to ensure our firm was being charged with the correct prices and services with Telstra. Kevin Jensen did a great job in successful telecom expense management auditing including identifying inaccuracies and incorrect charges, then liaised with Telstra on our behalf and was able to achieve a significant credit, which we have now received. Dealing with Telstra can be extremely frustrating, thankfully, Kevin’s experience in the industry proved very valuable.

Tom Hatcher, Solicitor, Woods Hatcher Solicitors, Isle of Capri.





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