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Jensen IPA is your partner and advisor in providing Telstra billing support, management, and auditing. We are highly experienced in using the t-analyst software, not just in auditing your bills but also managing your accounts.

Billing Platform Complexities

Most service providers have complex billing platforms, which isn’t likely to change any time soon.

Over time, we have seen a multitude of errors caused by the complexity of the systems and processes used. These errors over years may cost you thousands of dollars. We specialise in understanding, identifying and correcting these errors.

These charges may appear more often on your invoices,  resulting in additional charges for each monthly bill cycle.  Over time, this may have cost you thousands of dollars. (Please see case studies )

Additional Complexities

Each month, you may come across additional items and products which have not been accounted for in your business. It is important to monitor these changes regularly to ensure accuracy in your annual expenditure.

To assist with these changes, on your accounts, we can assist with the management of t-analyst and also perform our own audit on your statements.

Our end goal is to ensure that you get billed accurately every single time.

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