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Telstra Billing is complicated. This reality is what has driven us to establish Jensen IPA. The complex billing procedures often leads companies to accept bills without understanding the charges. An extensive audit by our professionals can save you time and money.

The Jensen IPA Telstra Pay Bill Audit Process

We have a four-tier service procedure that always delivers its promise of accurate audits and analysis.

1. Consultation

We initially begin with a free consultation, for a primary assessment of your Telstra accounts and services.

2. Audit

We request our clients to give us their invoices for the past 12 to 18 months. We perform an audit with the help of T-analyst software, our personal tools and our auditing expertise to present an accurate report on their business services.

3. Analysis

After the audit, we identify services that may have discrepancies and errors on your account.

4. Claims

If needed, we are happy to extend our services in helping you file for claims and credits.

Why you won’t see changes in your Telecommunications bills anytime soon?

Expect More Complexity

Don’t expect to see changes anytime soon. With the current product charging methods, we can expect more complexity as thousands more products are added to the system each year…. making the already complicated,  even more complex.

The cost of an Jensen IPA audit vastly outweighs the potential cost savings.


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