We have a compilation of interesting news to keep you up to date with Telstra service status and trends. Telstra is the leading telecommunications provider in Australia and they are constantly launching new products, adding services, giving discounts, and promos. Stay in the loop with Jensen IPA. Keep up with the latest news as well as additional Jensen IPA blogs to fire up your interest in anything related to Telstra. We have fun topics on how you can make the most of your data and internet plans, and gain interesting know-how on how you can save money on your telecom bills and usage.

Small things DO matter – Education Provider on the Gold Coast saves over $9,000 pa

A National Education Provider on the Gold Coast saves over $9,000 pa on multiple little charges. Sometimes telecommunication bills are

Read More 22 Jul 2020

When something is wrong with your Telecommunications Bill

How a Law firm on the Gold Coast was able to reclaim $18,000 in overcharged expenditure. Recently, Jensen IPA was

Read More 02 Jul 2020

COVID-19 assistance with Telstra Business account reconciliation

COVID-19 assistance with Telstra Business account reconciliation As businesses move to work from home, close branches and reduced staff situations,

Read More 15 Apr 2020

Extracting value in Changing Times

SAVE MONEY ON TELECOM ACCOUNTS NOW  Who isn’t concerned about our current state of affairs? Companies across the nation will

Read More 29 Mar 2020

Are Telstra errors common ? .. and How does it affect your bill ?

Telstra mistakes, seem to be increasingly common on bills in 2019. This relates to the complexity of the systems and

Read More 15 Nov 2019

When Complicated Billing leads to frustration, wasted time and complaints

Telstra is one of the leading communication providers in Australia. Yet many of their  business clients don’t understand their Telstra

Read More 05 Nov 2019

Jensen IPA Accountants workshop Telstra billing issues

Last month, Jensen IP Analysis presented to the Brisbane Northside Accountants Discussion Group. The interaction was lively and illustrated the

Read More 15 Oct 2019

You’re a new Retail Tenant ?

SO, YOU'RE A NEW RETAIL tenant? Congratulations ! Shortly, you’ll be receiving your first TELSTRA Account . It will reflect

Read More 05 Oct 2019

Moving your Business ?

Particularly for medium to large companies, moving premises and location can takes months of planning and technical expertise. But what

Read More 15 Sep 2019

3 Money Smart Tricks to Help You Pay Your Bills and Duties on Time, All The Time

When it comes to paying the bills and understanding the charges on your Telecommunications bills, it can quite daunting for

Read More 05 Sep 2019


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