NBN Account Analysis

With Telstra being the primary Retail Service Provider for NBN, you can easily gain access to power speed internet almost across the entire country. However, with multiple rollouts of promos, discounts, plans, plan updates, even automated billing won’t be able to keep up with the millions of users of NBN and Telstra combined. This makes it even harder for anyone to keep track of their bills and payments. In this regard, Jensen IPA performs NBN Account Analysis to make sure that you get the prime services that you deserve charged at the right amount.

NBN Hidden Charges

We understand that you anticipate paying only for the plan that you’ve signed up. But upon receiving your bills, you end up with dues that go beyond your anticipated budget. This is the result of billing processes that are so complicated, that end users cannot understand.

How does this happen?

Both NBN and Telstra are massive nationwide service providers have hundreds of products or plans that they offer. Some products come in both forms: individually sold or included in a plan. Due to the sheer number of these products, and the fixed algorithm set in processing your bills, anomalies form.

The billing process is not perfect. And due to the intricacy of automated billing, it is hard to customise and adjust to individual user’s invoices. This results in overcharging of products that you’re not using. In some cases, some products are charged twice. There are instances where products that are part of a plan are charged again as individual products to your bill.

Jensen IPA Solutions

Our company offers a unique service that helps you identify problems in your billing statements. We understand the complicated billing processes and assist you in performing audits and NBN account analysis. This way, you will know if you’re paying for the right fees and which ones are added to your bill.

It is our goal to help Telstra and their end-users,  identify flaws in the billing system and pave ways for businesses like yours to save money on monthly accounts. 


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