• 29 Sep 2020

Jensen IPA find large credits for national Tyre Company

National Tyre Company suffers incorrect pricing, large credits found by Jensen IPA.

Recently we had an enquiry from a large tyre company with multiple locations across Australia. They were having trouble understanding their contract expenses and bills. In addition, they could not properly account for store expenditure.

They had previously gone to Telstra with their billing concerns and were given a settlement credit. However, the same issues continued on for over 12 months. That is when they called us.  Jensen IPA carried out a complete refresh and audit of their whole bill. We found several issues worth many tens of thousands in credits,  were due.

Incorrect product charges

Checking contract pricing is important. We were asked to investigate why the bill differed from the contract quote. One of the very first issues we found was that the customer had been charged for different products to the quote provided. These differences were significant each month.

Our initial audit found a significant issue with store pricing where a quote was given for $16.50 on one product per store across all their stores and locations. It was found incorrect – products were applied across all stores for an average of all stores for around $50 per month per store. This had been ongoing for over 2 years in some cases.
We are claiming significant credits for this issue on their behalf.

NBN conversion.

As we know NBN conversion is happening across the country at different times for different places around Australia. For a large firm keeping track of this can be really difficult. Our investigation found several sites where old and new products were being charged on the same site.

The process is supposed to cancel the old services when new NBN services are cutover. However, if this not followed up on, then orders get forgotten or lost.  This then causes duplicate charging. If left this could go on for months or years.  We have arranged for orders to be issued and services cancelled and backdated where required. There may be considerable additional savings for the business.

Backdated credits

Yet more issues were found where services were cancelled but not backdated. This is important because you do not want to be paying for an inactive service for months simply because it was not cancelled at the correct time. A claim has been processed to reclaim this lost revenue for a significant amount of money.

All of these issues were undiscovered by the company until we did our assessment. Even though they had staff and resources in place monitoring the billing and charging, they simply could not work why things were so out of balance.

And Now ?

We now are working with them to get things in order and assist them to monitor the important issues each month. Our systems and process provide them with clarity going forward and support to claim back credits on charges where anomalies are found.

All of this would not happen without skilful professional advice and support. We love to support and help companies get real honest value on their telco expenditure. Call 0409 481 508  or email

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