• 17 Mar 2021

Huge Cost Saving Opportunity on your Telstra business spend

We have recently created a questionnaire to assess your frustration and exposure to overcharges on Telstra business accounts. We find the ideal client to save most from this brief exercise would spend  $25k to $300k or above annually on Telstra network services.

Here are the sample reports we have been work on.

Sample 1 Monthly services report  – is a listing of current spend, which helps you see when the money is spent and a breakdown of each line and product charge. This can be provided free of charge to you on request.

Sample 2 Data Analysis Report is a new data report with the overall health of your Telstra services. Here is where we can highlight possible savings each month and any current items from the past needing attention. This is provided when we have started analysis and have access to your account information.

TELSTRA BUSINESS CUSTOMER? if we discover ANOMALIES in your TELSTRA business charges, we provide a written report, and a proposal to not only FIX THE ISSUES but assist you to CLAIM CREDITS. | Phone 0409 481 508 for a free chat about your potential savings. #jensenipa #telecommunication #accountspayable

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THESE sample reports to illustrate the process ;

Data analysis report  || Monthly services breakdown Report



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