• 8 Dec 2020

Has COVID-19 affected your Bottom Line ?

Here’s how we can help.

We all have experienced BILL SHOCK at some time in the past. Many companies find their Telstra bills too complicated to work out and understand.. We specialise in untangling complex Telstra accounts in charges,  so customers can better understand and manage their expenditure.

In the process, we have been able to obtain thousands of dollars in refunds in past charges for our customers who use our unique services, which serves to offset some of the effect of Covid-19 on their bottom line.

We invite you to consider how our services s can assist your company to move ahead with confidence and reduce past, current and future expenditure on your Telstra service.

Now is the time to review your costs.

With 33 years of experience in Telstra systems and processes, we can support you in identifying anomalies that could be costing you thousands of dollars..

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