This depends on many factors like:

  • Type of plan and coverage
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Additional fees incurred
  • User usage
  • And more

We were able to help some of our clients have current savings of up to 20,000 AUD. On average, we help large businesses save up to $2000 on bills annually. We have also been able to save a client $120,000 in credits.

No, we are not. We completely independent from Telstra, however we do work with Telstra dealers and other affiliated companies to assist their clients. Our primary consultant and auditor worked in Telstra for 33 years. And his 25 years of auditing and billing experience led to the birth of Jensen IPA and our services in providing simplified billing processes and audits for all our clients.

Yes, we do. Not everyone has the time or think they need to manage their t-analyst accounts. AS specialists in managing Telstra accounts through the t-analyst software, we also offer our services in managing Telstra accounts.

Normally we ask for 12 months of bill statements but for more accurate audits and analysis, we request for 18 months of invoices.

We audit services from as far back as 18 months. However as most contracts are for a 24 month period, you may be entiled for adjustments up to 24months back or further.

Yes, We can help our clients file claims and guide them through the entire process. As a third party, we also provide evidence for potential rebates for Telstra to approve.  We do not guarantee all claims will be successful but do our best to ensure you get the best possible result for any claims made.

Many customers have trouble interpreting and reconciling their bills and services. Our customers are pleasantly surprised with how we our system can  assist them to save thousands in past, present and future costs.

No, our focus is on billing relating matters for Medium to Large Business across Australia.  The principles we use are the same for Residential and small business  billing issues. There is a number of other service providers and businesses who are able to help residential consumers or small business customers.


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