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How can a low-cost audit on your Telstra Telco bill save you thousands?

When we identify even a small saving each month, it can easily translate to thousands saved annually. One of the common issues we find is that promised discounts have not always been added to accounts. There are also many other variables which may be costing you each month. Complex telecommunications bills are difficult to interpret, particularly if you have multiple sites and products.

How will the services of a bill auditing specialist help? Regular audits by skilled professionals will save you time and money. And that is what Jensen IPA is all about.

Claiming Credits

Once we identify potential errors, what is the next step? In most cases we can assist our clients to file for claims. Our service can remove a lot of the stress and frustration of dealing with Telco procedures and systems.

Telstra Complaints

Filing a Telco complaint may need our expert assistance and guidance. Telstra is a large company that has many complex systems and processes . Navigating these can be a nightmare. Our experience can assist you to a good outcome without a huge loss of time by your accounts team. Jensen IPA is an organisation created to assist you to navigate your way through the Telco maze.

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