After more than three decades of experience with Telstra billing, Jensen IPA is passionate about assisting you to better understand and save costs on your telecommunication accounts.

Jensen IPA offer unique services ..  We audit, analyse, and suggest savings.  We also help you file for claims due to faulty billing or errors on chargeable products and services.

If you have any queries, you can check our FAQs page for commonly asked questions. But if you are looking for further Telstra support from Jensen IPA, you can call us anytime at 0409481508. You may also drop us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as you’ve reached us.

CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY – Volvo Group –  “We found huge savings – $120,000 “

“Basically, we have had issues with our Telstra billing. It was never in a format we needed as it did not reflect call centre information or use our common references. We had an initial discussion with Kevin, and he came back with exactly what we needed. He came back with a convenient report that saved a lot of my time. Typically I used to spend a couple of hours analysing and converting it to a cost structure format we could use, so this made my job a lot easier.

Next, we had Kevin telecom expense management audit our monthly charged services. He said that given the authority, he could go through the reports and help us Within a couple of days, he came back with suggestions of possible errors that he had identified already backdated a few years. This was really a good finding, so we started working with the IT teams to get approvals for credits.

We started working together. Some of our findings were not what we expected. We found huge savings – $120,000, and I put this as a project to my IT department. Kevin Jensen really knows the Telstra system and knows what he is doing.

“Jensen IPA’s in-depth knowledge of Telstra billing and ability to analyse data resulted in not only some savings for us but a transfer of skill to me “

Hineesh Kg – Network Engineer – Volvo Group


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