At Jensen IPA, we want you to understand what you’re paying for in your telecommunications charges.

Jensen IPA understands many businesses need to cut costs to succeed in a highly competitive world. This includes Telecommunications expenditure.

How can you do this without changing carriers or signing new contracts?

We provide an alternative system for  Telecommunication expense management.  It is all very simple.  Let us show you how our system can save you time and money.

The inception of Jensen IPA

After 33 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, we understand the limitations of a large Telco billing system. With a complexity of systems and processes, charging can often be overlooked and misunderstood. Jensen IPA is the only service provider that audits and interprets your Telstra accounts, billings, and charges.

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Meet Kevin Jensen

Kevin Jensen is the founder of Jensen IPA, and a T-analyst authority. After more than three decades of experience with Telstra billing, he is passionate about assisting businesses to understand and save costs on their Telco accounts.


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